New Feature Design: Turning Requests into Tasks

Summary: I worked with their CTO from research and ideation through to design studio and low-fidelity wireframes, creating a form creation workflow.

Role: UX Design Consultant

About Company

Hive is a fast-growing teamwork platform used by WeWork, PWC, Uber and thousands of companies around the world.

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How might we make creating request forms and managing those requests clear and seamless for two new clients with similar but distinct needs?

The Problem

The clients both internally need to create request forms and then automate the workflow within the existing Hive platform.

Competitive Analysis

Google Forms, Zapier, Wrike, Typeform

Features we looked at:

  • Form title
  • Save button
  • Field toolbar
  • Publish button
  • Copy link
  • Next + Back buttons
  • Directing request
  • Directing request: Project
  • Directing request: Assignee

  • Feature Prioritization

    We quickly listed out all the possible aspects of the feature and prioritized the aspects. The chart positioned items by low and high effort along the x axis, and nice to have and must have along the y axis. In the end, we were able to narrow down the features to the blue items, as the MVP for Forms 1.0.

    Rapid Prototyping + Mid-Fidelity in Sketch

    Using a method called Design Studio, we sketched in five minute intervals, diverging and converging to build off the other's ideas. I then dove right into mid-fidelity design using Sketch, to create wireframes for the dev team.